Any designer will tell you about the importance of being able to match colours and the lighting conditions needed to do so. This is where close attention to CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) and CRI (Colour Rendering Index) play a big part in luminaire selection. This project features Institchu, a company that keeps colour control on a tight thread.

Founded by Robin McGowan and James Wakefield in 2012, Institchu bridges the gap between old world tailoring traditions and the modern digital retail landscape.

Being an active and innovative player in the fashion industry means that their head office needs to be both a functional environment as well as an inspiring place to work.
For the primary office area, Trend Lighting Supplied LED Slot ZDA123 luminaires. Uniform, quality lighting makes for a bright and comfortable workspace where staff can express their creativity, or unwind with a few rounds of table tennis.

Institchu staff are constantly working with textiles where colour and consistency matters, so ensuring a high quality of light was of utmost importance. Being able to colour-check a Grimsby Navy Pinstripe or a Barbados Light Purple is made even easier under a high CRI luminaire.

For this reason Trend lighting recommended the XSR range, which has a great colour rendering of 90+ CRI. Available in surface mounted or suspended options, the versatile XSR range was used in both configurations throughout the Institchu meeting rooms and offices.

"We are extremely happy with the work done by Trend Lighting. The lights chosen are stylish and blend well with our office whilst providing an excellent environment for our team to view fabrics and sample products" Institchu
Location: Sydney, NSW
Engineering Consultant: MAP Architecture and Electrical Consultants
Electrical Contractor: Bright Light Contracting