Mascot Arcade

Mascot in Sydney's south has undergone rapid growth in the last few years, being transformed with an influx of medium and high density homes. Mascot Arcade on Botany Road had serviced the community with boutique stores for years but was well in need of a refresh... Until now.

As part of the recent renovation, the arcade saw a full fit-out of Trend luminaires. A combination of adjustable track lights and surface mounted downlights illuminate the space making it warm and vibrant, bringing to life the detailed wood trims above the entrances and shop fronts.

Tenants of the facility enjoy the vast improvements that updated lighting has brought to the space. Mascot Tailoring, among others, now feature surface mounted XSR LED's illuminating work spaces. They work in concert with recessed low-glare MIDILED units to offer uniform and comfortable lighting.

As well as the Tailor, the arcade features a Cafe, beauty salon, and mobile phone store. The most surprising addition to the arcade would have to be the indoor swimming school which features a 25m above ground heated pool that makes effective use of the space. The swim school includes IP 65 rated luminaires and is a truly unique addition to the arcade.

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Location: Mascot, NSW